Energy Work & Play workshop

Saturday March 18, 2023 3-5pm
at Serendipity of Minford
Taught by Deb Jewett


What is your energy signature? Are you taking on other people’s stuff?

Are you empathic and feeling wiped out at the end of your day?

Are you a Reiki practitioner and want to learn more about using energy effectively?

Awareness and practical playful exercises to explore and modulate your energy flow and presence in the treatment room and home

$30 per person registration

Non-refundable payment required  to secure your spot.

Make payment and register at

Serendipity in Minford or

online at

Class size limited- reserve your spot

If you are an energy practitioner, have you experienced a session when someone said their heart races when you connected with your hands? Have they stated that a fearful feeling surfaced? Have you had a session when your client could not feel your touch and presence?
Are they numb, cloaking, unaware, raising their walls for protection, or something else?
Many topics and experiences to talk about and share. Many options for learning.