Distant Healing 

Distant healing sessions are a profound way to explore therapeutic healing  when time or travel prohibit hands on treatment. Virtual phone sessions may be different from in person sessions but they can provide many benefits and opportunities.

As a Certified Master Distant Healing practitioner, I am able to connect deeply, assess, and support my clients even though there are many miles between us. I have extensive training and mentorship in distance healing and energetic modalities.

A distant session is designed to empower the client. The purpose of a distant session may be to figure out the puzzle of an illness, clarify something in your life, explore new possibilities and options, and so much more. We can help to change and optimize your internal or external environment for health and joy. I incorporate all of my training as a massage therapist and CranioSacral practitioner in each distance session.

The session goes at a pace that works for you as you explore shifts and changes for healing. A distant session can provide many benefits while the client is in the comfort and safety of their own home.



What happens in a distant healing session 
An appointment is made for me to call you on the phone at a certain time. I ask if you can hear me plainly and make sure you are in a comfortable chair or lying down. Headphones are optimal for these phone sessions. It is best for you to be in a quiet room so you will not be disturbed. We start with conversation about what led you to call me for the appointment, such as back discomfort, emotional loss, anxiety, choices for the future, dream interpretation, relaxation and joy, etc. I usually start with a short guided meditative exploration to increase inner awareness and information form the client’s inner wisdom. I assist and guide the client with questions and possibilities while tracking the client energetically. This helps the client to connect deeply within and access the deep informing that is waiting. The session goes at a pace that is suited to the best outcome for the client. I offer support from a distance as we explore and facilitate healing from a safe and familiar environment.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is method to access and work with the energy of someone to help bring the person’s energy field and flow into balance and homeostasis. Energy healing can be done in the same room with hands on or hands off the body or it can be done distantly from another location. Energetic methods can address physical, emotional, and spiritual issues for balance, growth, and healing. Energy healing sessions are known to reduce stress and anxiety and promote well-being.

We are made of energy. This a scientific fact. 


What if you give this a try? What if you learn something?

What if it really helps and makes a difference?