Women’s Gathering Circles



Women’ s Gathering Circles

Sacred circle for women to share, learn, and explore

Inspire our beauty and worth in a safe and open circle

 Two locations

Serendipity of Minford-9040 St.Rt. 139

Sat. March 18th-Self Expression/Authentic Voice at Serendipity 1-2:30pm

Sat. April 8th- Pelvic Core & Creativity at Serendipity 1-2:30pm

Sat. May 6th- Full Moon Magic at Serendipity -1-2:30pm

Yoga Club-347 3rd St. Portsmouth

Friday March 24th-Self Expression/Authentic Voice at Yoga Club -10:30-noon

Friday April 21st- Pelvic Core & Creativity at Yoga Club-10:30-noon

Friday May 19th- Embodied Movement at Yoga Club-10:30-noon

Circle led and facilitated by Deb Jewett

Deb has gathered and led circles for decades and believes a sacred community of women can support and enhance our presence & gift of life. Magic is possible when we gather with an attitude of support, loving compassion, and play. New topic and intention at each circle. Each sacred circle will start with drumming the heartbeat on my grandmother drum, topic discussion, circle guidelines, meditation, activity, sharing, and closing circle.


My journey has led me to be a part of many circles. When I first sat in a circle, my heart would race, pound so strong I thought everyone could see my shirt moving with the beating of my heart.  I was afraid to speak and reveal myself to the group. I felt small even though I live in a large tall physical body. Over the years, I have explored and journeyed within to find my voice, speak with strength, and embody my large stature. Yes, I have moments of doubt and wonder, but I have learned ways to question limiting beliefs and explore possibilities of change. I have learned ways to stay grounded and present, maintain my boundaries, and listen with the ears of my heart. This encourages all of us to thrive and evolve. 

Join me and explore possibilities for all of us to thrive in our moment to moment gift of life!