Quamba Meditative Sound Exploration

More than an auditory experience!

It is a healing vibrational sound massage for the body, mind, and spirit.

Deb Jewett facilitates an exploration of inner connection and relaxation using sacred healing instruments, voice, and intentional words.

Take time for yourself to be serenaded with live music and sacred songs. Relax on a yoga mat or chair while you are guided with intentional words to explore inner awareness and healing opportunities. Journey within through sound and  vibration.

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“People helping people with compassionate and therapeutic connection.”


Quamba Feel Your Feet

Workshop for kids of all ages, including adults
Movement and mindfulness taught through playful shapeshifting. Children and adults can explore the freedom of movement and breath though playfully shapeshifting into animals and nature. A fun way to teach our children the beneficial skills of presence, mindfulness, and movement. A delightful way to spend time with our children. A time to balance work with play. Play is vital to our health and well being. Enjoy and smile as you explore what it feels like to move in the breeze as a willow tree, stand strong as a mountain, walk with strength as an elephant, or find your safe place within your turtle shell. All of this and so much more!